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KR-20040047636-A: 중간 전자사진 화상을 운반하기 위한 중간 전사 부재 patent, KR-20040047842-A: Abrasive Flow Machining Apparatus And Method patent, KR-20040048094-A: 간단한 프론트 엔드 모듈 patent, KR-20040048783-A: Discriminating method of jindo-hongju pigment patent, KR-20040049788-A: 광조사형 열처리장치 및 방법 patent, KR-20040050293-A: An apparatus for discharging the noxiousness gas in a transformer patent, KR-20040050455-A: 기지국의 송신 출력 보상 장치 및 방법 patent, KR-20040050668-A: A cooking quantity measurement method of microwave oven patent, KR-20040051566-A: 액체 토출 장치 및 액체 토출 방법 patent, KR-20040051738-A: XML based network management system and method for configuration management of heterogeneous network devices patent, KR-20040051786-A: Decoration material produced by liquid-transfering predetermined pattern on transparent material and method for producing thereof patent, KR-20040052091-A: Method for recording data on linking area of high density read only optical disc and high density read only optical disc therof patent, KR-20040052355-A: Slurry Composition for Chemical Mechanical Polishing of Oxide with Enhanced Polishing Performance patent, KR-20040052650-A: Fringe Field Switching mode liquid crystal device using non-contact surface treatment on inorganic thin film. patent, KR-20040053225-A: 히트 싱크재의 제조 방법 patent, KR-20040053396-A: 교량구조물 patent, KR-20040053643-A: Portable can for cereal dressing patent, KR-20040053841-A: 반도체 소자의 제조 방법 patent, KR-20040053991-A: Environment Factor Testing Method in Manufacturing patent, KR-20040054309-A: 모듈 연결 배관을 갖는 마이크로채널 열교환기 patent, KR-20040055020-A: Wafer stage mark for a focus monitering system and method of monitering focus using the same patent, KR-20040055735-A: Method and apparatus for controlling uplink transmissions of a wireless communication system patent, KR-20040055816-A: Wearable disposable article having a wetness sensation member patent, KR-20040056609-A: 연속주조시 구속 및 코너세로크랙에 의한 브랙아웃을저감할 수 있는 몰드 플럭스 patent, KR-20040057009-A: 전기화학적 고농도 살균제 발생기 patent, KR-20040057021-A: Active fraction,isolated from Gelidium amansii,having inhibitory effects on adipocyte differentiation (NIH3T3-L1 cell) patent, KR-20040057031-A: Apparatus and method for manufacturing silicon nanodot film capable of emitting light patent, KR-20040057108-A: Method for manufacturing a substrate strap for electrical elements patent, KR-20040058381-A: Flash light typed cameras for law enforcement patent, KR-20040058791-A: Method for selecting rate system of mobile communication terminal patent, KR-20040059405-A: Method for forming source/drain structure of semiconductor patent, KR-20040059739-A: 반도체소자 공장에서 사용되는 집수기 patent, KR-20040059843-A: Method for forming a bonding pad in a semiconductor device patent, KR-20040060040-A: Method for chemical vapor deposition patent, KR-20040060317-A: A method for forming a storage node of a semiconductor device patent, KR-20040060351-A: A refining process of 2,6-Naphtalene Dicarboxylic Acid using a microorganism patent, KR-20040060371-A: Disc storage case patent, KR-20040060790-A: Tracking signal processing circuit patent, KR-20040061817-A: 반도체소자의 금속배선 형성방법 patent, KR-20040063952-A: 열교환 장치 patent, KR-20040064232-A: Framework to enable integration of anti-spam technologies patent, KR-20040065223-A: 크산틴 옥시다제 저해제 patent, KR-20040065389-A: 텔레매틱스 단말기를 이용한 주차공간 안내시스템 patent, KR-20040066131-A: 디스플레이 프로세서를 위한 공유 메모리 제어기 patent, KR-20040066249-A: Glossing agent containing enzyme, glossing method by using it and glossing treated textile patent, KR-20040066602-A: 근전도 센서가 장착된 게임 조작장치 patent, KR-20040066734-A: 공기 조화기 patent, KR-20040068691-A: Color illuminating system and projection type image display apparatus employing the same patent, KR-20040068989-A: 폴리실라잔 처리 용제 및 당해 용제를 사용한폴리실라잔의 처리방법 patent, KR-20040069237-A: 진품 확인 방법 patent, KR-20040069888-A: A developing method for eliminating defects in gate patterning process patent, KR-20040070632-A: An analyzer of an ion implanting apparatus patent, KR-20040070674-A: Method for monitoring particle in etch device patent, KR-20040070867-A: Apparatus for shaping of a large-size high pressure vessel patent, KR-20040071408-A: Washing machine patent, KR-20040071464-A: Apparatus for preventing excess current in optical pick-up patent, KR-20040072155-A: 플래쉬 메모리 소자 제조 방법 patent, KR-20040073401-A: Repeatable studying device using indexing video media and playing selected sections, method using the same and storage device including file and the same method patent, KR-20040073435-A: Device for the transport of flexible planar material, in particular circuit boards patent, KR-20040073502-A: 인증된 모듈들을 점차 많이 사용하여 운용 무선 펌웨어를만들기 위한 방법 및 장치 patent, KR-20040073792-A: 제습통 수납홈을 갖는 가구용 도어 patent, KR-20040074205-A: 자동차 도장면 흠집 복원 patent, KR-20040074280-A: 키입력회로 patent, KR-20040074351-A: 커넥터 체결 검사 장치 patent, KR-20040074393-A: 액정표시모듈과 그의 제조장치 및 방법 patent, KR-20040074396-A: Device for seperating the upper and lower cylinder of circular knitting machine for clothing patent, KR-20040075356-A: Terminal block and wire distributor including at least one terminal block patent, KR-20040075686-A: Window having a ventilation equipment patent, KR-20040076009-A: Mobile phone having camera patent, KR-20040076479-A: An emergency lamp cut-out switch of the electricity failed patent, KR-20040077129-A: 키 매트릭스를 이용한 조그 다이얼 제어 장치 patent, KR-20040077318-A: Hinge structure for use in a hood lid of a food preparation table patent, KR-20040078266-A: 잉크젯 분사장치와 이를 이용한 플라즈마 디스플레이패널의 제조방법 patent, KR-20040080637-A: Semiconductor device having improving reliability and method forming the same patent, KR-20040081183-A: 토르세미드 변형체 Ⅱ를 포함하는 안정한 약학 제제 patent, KR-20040081493-A: 환경 자극에 반응하는 장치 하우징 patent, KR-20040081584-A: Telephone paying in advance approval code slip buying and selling system patent, KR-20040081797-A: 압력 캐스팅 유동시스템 patent, KR-20040082438-A: Catalyst for production of unsaturated aldehyde and unsaturated carboxylic acid and process for producing the same patent, KR-20040082615-A: 장입 불량 및 과도한 공극 발생을 경보하기 위한 고주파유도 용해로 시스템 patent, KR-20040083564-A: 폐수처리용 전자파 여기형 무전극식 자외선 발생장치 patent, KR-20040084887-A: Object-oriented framework for generic adaptive control patent, KR-20040085009-A: 은닉해야 할 데이터를 암호화하여 입출력하는 방법 및 장치 patent, KR-20040086209-A: Method for forming porous film patent, KR-20040086395-A: Method for removing contaminants from gases patent, KR-20040086633-A: Heating Unit patent, KR-20040087383-A: Composition and method for treating contaminated water by using Paenibacillus kribbensis AP-2 patent, KR-20040087450-A: Liquid crystal display patent, KR-20040089203-A: 무선 이동통신 네트워크에서 에스아이피 프로토콜 및에스아이피 모빌리티 에이전트 수단을 이용한 이동성 관리방법 및 시스템 patent, KR-20040090567-A: 손실 전/후 패킷정보를 이용한 패킷손실 은닉 방법 patent, KR-20040090649-A: Mobile Terminal Having Thermochromic Pattern Showing Caller's Information patent, KR-20040091276-A: Voltage-current converter and self-oscillator using the same patent, KR-20040091491-A: 영상처리방법 patent, KR-20040092056-A: The Continuous Capacity measuring Apparatus using Ultrasonic waves patent, KR-20040092333-A: 보조 이송스크류를 가진 스티로폼 감용기 patent, KR-20040092834-A: 맞춤운동 처방 서비스 제공 시스템 및 그 방법 patent, KR-20040093538-A: Construction method for reinforcing the ground using steel pipes and prestressed concrete piles patent, KR-20040095606-A: 씨디엠에이-신호 전력 추정 장치 및 방법 patent, KR-20040096142-A: 세탁기의 응급조치 제어 방법 patent, KR-20040096657-A: Herbicide combinations with special sulfonylureas patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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